How to Level a Floor Before Tiling


Do you plan to tile a new floor? It is essential to make the floor as flat as possible if you are planning on installing a new tiled floor. Beautiful tiles look great on floors. A shoddy job can make your floor look terrible and create a lot of work. You will also be charged twice as much if the job is reworked.

First, ensure that your floor is able to support the tiles being laid on it. Concrete floors are more sturdy and therefore, they are ideal. You should check that the concrete floor is level. To achieve a perfectly level floor, we recommend self-leveling concrete.

It is essential that you have all the necessary tools, materials, and techniques before you begin your floor-levelling project. Before you start this project, make sure that you have these items:

  • Floor leveling compound
  • A Four-foot level Nylon String
  • A Trowel
  • A drill and mixing bucket
  • A Five-gallon bucket

Step 1

Use a level to identify the high and low points. You can mark any low spots with a pencil by drawing large circles around them.

Step 2

Mix some floor leveler into the bucket according to the instructions. This usually involves filling a bucket with water. Then, you add enough levelling compound. Then, you will mix the compound and water until it forms a uniform texture. The water to powder ratio will be indicated on the levelling compound instruction. Keep in mind that the climate can affect how your levelling compound mixes. It is possible that you will need to make adjustments.

Step 3

Continue adding water and levelling compound until you have a full gallon of mixture. The mixture should be thin like soup.

Step 4

Mixing levelling compound should be poured over the low points you have marked. Always start at the corner and work your way to the farthest door. Before pouring any more, allow it to settle. Flatten any areas that the leveler doesn’t flatten.

Step 5

As you work, fill in any remaining gaps and back out of the room. Allow it to set for at most 24 hours. Then, you are ready to tile the floor.

How to make your perfect flat floor

Fast curing floor leveling compounds are available. You need to get it dry quickly. Some floors can be walked on in as little as three hours. To ensure that the coating is fully cured, it is best to leave your new floor unattended for 24 hours.

Check the floor surface before installing tiles. You should be aware of irregularities, water damage and weak joists.

After you’re satisfied with the flat surface, tile it. Before you apply adhesive, make sure you know where the tiles will be placed. Before you actually install the tiles, it’s a good idea do a dry run.