How to get the most out of your stairway space


It is becoming more important to think about how we use space, both because our population is growing and because we are closer together. Today, more than 54% of the world’s population lives in cities, according to UN figures. This number is expected to rise to 60% by 2030.

You can use clever storage or productive fengshui to make your home more useful. However, the stairs are a huge area that may not be being used.

There are many uses for stairs, including saving space, opening up space or making space more functional.

Pear Stairs, a staircase manufacturer, offers a wide range of options to meet your individual needs.

Space Savers

Space saver stairs are an elegant and intuitive solution. These stairs are half the size of regular stairs and provide easy access to basements, cellars, and attics.

These can be an alternative solution to those who are fed up with folding ladders.

Although you might need to verify whether space-savers are available in your area, there are few other options that provide the same stability as space savers in such compact packages.

They were used by an intuitive individual to bypass restrictions that prevent them from increasing the property’s floor space. They were able to use vertical space and create a new mezzanine level using space-saver stairs. Read more about this project here.

Space savers are not only convenient but also highly customizable. You have many options for materials and accessories, just like other types of stairs.

You will need a hand rail to go along with your space-saving stairs.

For a more elegant look, a rope handrail or a Mopstick Handrail could be used.


We have seen drawers in staircases that are more unique, but also very creative. Your stairs can do double duty by providing access between floors and storage space.

This case study shows that the client had limited space and only one flight of stairs. However, they were able to maximize the utility of the area with drawers.

Pear Stairs is always open to hearing from designers of stairs.

Glass, open rims and light

It is important to keep your space functional but not cluttered. Living spaces that are too cluttered can make us feel overwhelmed and even claustrophobic. There are many design options available for stairs to overcome this feeling of being crowded.

Glass treads, risers, or balustrades can be integrated into stairs to allow natural light to flow through the space and create a feeling of spaciousness.

Glass can be used in stairs construction for many reasons. It is versatile and can offer a variety of aesthetics depending upon how it is used.

Semi-opaque glass adds privacy and transparency to the product. Totally transparent glass is minimalistic in appearance. There are many coloured options available for those who want to add some flair.