How to create your own outdoor meditation space


Americans are now spending less time than ever before in history. Our inner peace and peace are affected by our busy schedules, constant and immediate cyber-connectivity, family and engagements, and the amount of time we have to do it. While stress-related illnesses are on the rise, studies show that people who live a happy, comfortable life are falling at an alarming rate.

However, this plight does not have to be yours. Mediation is a method that can aid in recovery and prevention of mental and physical disorders, according to experts and practitioners. Deep breathing, relaxation, and time for reflection can all improve our overall health. This may sound appealing to you. Perhaps you will be able to create an outdoor meditation area in spring that will allow you to find inner peace and mindfulness at any time of the year.

Your meditation space can be distanced from your yard and home.

Distance does not have to be measured in feet. It can also refer to separation. You can find true relaxation by removing yourself from the sounds, sights, and smells that cause stress in your day. The barking dog and dishes in the dishwasher are all distractions. These distractions can interrupt your meditation, but they are part of your everyday life. Your yard is a great place to escape all these distractions. A pergola or gazebo can be a wonderful place to get away from the chaos. A cabana or poolhouse could be a great option if winter is not an option. No matter how much space you have, the goal is to make sure that your worries and concerns are not allowed.

The garden bridge is an interesting concept that comes from ancient Japan and China. The bridge symbolizes that crossing it will bring you to a peaceful place. Even if there isn’t anything to bridge it, you can make a garden bridge that will change your outlook. A zig-zag design in your walkway can also be an ancient idea that will take you to your meditation area. Folklore says that evil spirits can only travel in straight lines so they won’t be able to follow you to serenity. Although it may seem absurd in modern times, you don’t need to believe in evil spirits in order to make this concept work for your benefit. It’s similar to how an athlete prepares for a match by stretching his muscles. This is the time you need to prepare for work and to stretch your soul.

Connect with nature!

Nothing can be more peaceful than the sights, sounds and smells that nature has to offer. Your home might be cozy and comfortable, but it could also be elegant and striking and a source for great pride. It’s not natural. Your yard is likely to be natural by definition. If you choose a spot to build a pergola or gazebo, but it isn’t very lush, consider planting flowers and plants. They provide comfort and can be planted with your favorite scents to help you find the peace you seek. You should make sure that windows are available to allow the outside in if your space is enclosed like a cabana, pool house or other similar structures. You can also add bonsai and other foliage.

Wait, you might be saying that you have a brown thumb. So how can you keep this plant life alive for the future? Studies show that connecting with nature can bring peace and calm to the mind. Research is key to finding plants and flowers that anyone can tend to, no matter what their skill level.

Water is soothing

Sound can be incredibly soothing or extremely stressful. Car horns, sirens, construction noise. These sounds can cause anxiety and irritate your nerves. Water, on the other hand is extremely soothing and can help you forget your frustrations and stress. Water can be found in waves, gentle rain, or as a fountain. You can incorporate a water feature into your meditation area. A landscape architect doesn’t necessarily have to be hired to create a mini-waterfall or babbling stream in your backyard. You might just need a simple tabletop fountain. They cost very little and can be powered by either wall power or battery. It should be placed close to your home so it can cover nearby cars and planes overhead.

Don’t go overboard decorating

Minimalist meditation spaces make for the most peaceful and tranquil. Some people find clutter to be a stressor in itself. You will likely only need a chair or a soft cushion on the floor, or a table to hold a sound machine or incense burner, or meditation bells. You shouldn’t place expensive outdoor dining sets or pool bars here. You can create a meditation space that is free from all distractions. Even if you close your eyes, you will still be able to see them and they can distract from your mindfulness.

Even if meditation is not something you can do, inner peace can still be found.

Meditation is a practice that takes time. Many beginners give up on meditation. Some people never master meditation. Don’t worry if you are one of these people. To create peacefulness, you don’t have to be a mediator. You might only need to spend a few minutes each day creating your meditation space. You can also make your own reading nook in your backyard that receives great morning sunlight. It is important to choose a space that allows you to disconnect from stressors and connect with nature.

It can be more difficult to find inner peace and mindfulness as Americans become more connected. However, inner peace does not have to be difficult. You can recognize what you already have in your yard and make some modifications to create an outdoor meditation space.