Furniture Painting DIY – How To Paint Wooden Furniture At Home


The furniture will look worn and old with time as the paint on wooden furniture starts to fade. The wood structure of furniture is still intact and can be used for many years. It only requires a re-painting to look new. The process of painting furniture at home is easy and can be done yourself with the help of these tips.

You will need the following tools and materials to do your job:

  • Brush
  • Foam Roller
  • Sand Paper
  • Wood filler (Putty)
  • Wood Filler Knife
  • Paint-Primer
  • Paint
  • Optional: Sealant or Lacquer
  • Mask for the face
  • Gloves

Preparing your Home Furniture for Painting

Place the furniture in a ventilated area and cover it with cloth or plastic sheets. Fill the areas that are uneven, pitted or scratched with wood filler. Use a filler knife to remove excess wood filler. Wood filler can also be used in joints to ensure a firm attachment. To smoothen the surface of wood filler, you can use sandpaper to dry it. Use a liquid to clean the furniture, then use a lint-free cloth.

Use Paint-Primer before Painting

Primer is important to ensure that the paint adheres evenly to the wood and to prolong the life of the paint. Paint can peel off without primer after a few months to a year. To apply primer, use a paint brush to cover corners and edges. You can also use a roller to apply it on flat surfaces. It will be fixed in the next steps. After primer has dried you can sand the surface with a fine-grit sandpaper and then clean your sawdust.

Paint the Home Furniture

Now, furniture can be painted. Paint brush flat surfaces with a foam roller and then use a paintbrush to apply the paint on uneven surfaces. To slow down drying time of paint, use paint conditioner. This helps make the paint layer more even. If necessary, apply a second coat of the paint and allow it to dry.

Sealant or lacquer

You are almost done. However, if you want a shiny finish, paint-sealant may be a good choice. This protects the furniture and gives it a glossy finish. Let the lacquer dry thoroughly before you move the furniture.

Safety precautions

To protect your health, wear a high quality mask. All this painting should be done in an area that is well ventilated, and with adequate lighting. To protect your skin from chemical reactions, use gloves and full-length cloths.