DIY Design and Decorating: Which Homeowner Type Are You?


According to research, a significant demographic of homeowners who do DIY decorating and design is between 25 and 65-year-old females with a college degree, a job outside the home, and are socially connected. Although this may seem like a wide age range, my experience shows that it at least helps us focus our attention on this diverse group.

This group seems to be made up of several people who share similar lifestyles and have common interests. Knowing which group is most closely associated with your DIY decorating and design needs can help you to better understand them.

1. New Nesters

This group is typically made up of younger people. They are more open to trying new things and can adopt fashions and trends for their homes with less encumbrances (debts, kids and professional commitments). However, don’t mistake youthful energy for blind acceptance. These are smart, connected, thoughtful, and socially responsible people. Their very social outlook is reflected in their desire to create something unique and personal for their home. They are open and honest and draw people to them. They value comfort and unique experiences more than expensive toys.

2. Settled Nesters

They are an elite group that is just behind the New Nesters. These people have established themselves in their local communities and their professions, while also establishing their own families. This group is often defined by their young children, as most of their energy is directed towards the education and raising of their offspring. Comfort is still a key component of their living environment. However, durability is often valued even more. The home is a highly valued area of work. It highlights the tasks that aren’t kid-centric and reminds Mom or Dad that there is life beyond diapers. This group values time and is willing to pay for quality and style.

3. Upgrade Nesters

This group has come to realize that bigger is better. The family has grown with their careers, and so does the need for a bigger home. There are many decorating and design options. Along with the fear of making mistakes, the anxiety about not knowing where to begin, and the pressure from well-meaning friends who want to see it all finished, there is also the worry of not being able to make a good decision. In an effort to keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle they lead, this group wants things to happen quickly. This group needs to expand their knowledge in a timely manner.

4. Empty Nesters.

This group is becoming more familiar as a growing number of people reach retirement age. As professionals evolve, they realize that the amount of space that was necessary just a few years back is no longer necessary and can be a burden that prevents them from doing what they truly love. This can often mean smaller homes and more luxurious, efficient living. This group is not going to compromise quality and should have access to the finest products. It is possible to be sure that they will use the finest materials when they do a DIY project or decorate.